So much of your life starts at your front door. For 65 years, we’ve taken pride in building products in the heart of the U.S. that keep you protected and connected.

Social distancing and no-contact deliveries are part of our new normal. LARSON storm doors connect you to the outside world while protecting you inside your home. Whether dropping off groceries for your neighbors, checking on loved ones, or receiving take out, your everyday activities can still take place as your storm door provides a barrier against close contact.


Storm doors offer a great barrier between you and the outside world while allowing you to let in light and easily communicate with friends, family, and delivery personnel on the outside of your entry, as needed.

Now, more than ever, let’s weather the storm together. Nominate someone on the front lines or a person who is most susceptible, such as an elderly neighbor, a nurse, a grocery store employee, a sanitation worker, or a firefighter. We are giving away 20 storm doors per week. Let’s work together to protect the most vulnerable individuals during this worldwide pandemic, while staying connected to one another.